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Guiding businesses and executive leaders since 2014

The healthier your workplace is, the healthier your people and your business can be. But how do you get there?

How do you develop your leaders, promote a healthy culture, and keep growing towards your potential? How can you make that shift happen?

This is how we help you at Positive Shift Coaching. Drawing on more than 20 years of expertise in organizational leadership and positive psychology, our founder Sandy Lewis acts as your personal guide to growing well and on purpose. We partner with businesses and executives like you to help you transform your organization through positive psychology-led executive and group coaching, consulting, team facilitation, and key assessments (DiSC, Strengths-based, and more).

We know that the responsibilities of running a business and leading a team don’t come with an instruction manual. We understand that your business can only grow powerfully and authentically when there’s a human approach to driving results, when you’re mindful of the impact you’re making, and when you know where you’re trying to go.

That’s what informs every step we take with you. So if you’re ready to shift towards what’s possible for both top and bottom line results, we’re here. Whether you’re running a Silicon Valley powerhouse, a non-profit organization, or an expanding family business - together, we'll discover your best direction.

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who we serve

  • Mid-stage start-ups
  • Family businesses
  • Fast growing global firms in domain spaces including high-tech, food, innovation, medical devices, biotech, pharmaceuticals and contract research and manufacturing
  • CEO's and C-Suite leaders

services and capabilities include

  • Executive Coaching
  • Group Coaching and Faciltiation
  • Positive Psychology Tools
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • DiSC Assessments
  • Human Resources Advising
  • Organizational Growth, Design and Development
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Facilitation
  • Conversational Intelligence Coaching
  • SOAR Strategic Planning

founder | certified Executive Coach

Sandy Lewis, MAPP, ACC

Even though I was told that I 'could not do it,' I always wanted to pursue higher education and psychology.

Now that I’ve spent 20 years working in positive psychology - if this isn’t irony, I’m not sure what is. I think a lot of us know what it’s like to be told we can’t do something. We’ve been told we can’t start a business. We’ve had jobs with managers who didn’t motivate us. We’ve been a part of unhealthy work cultures. And we’ve seen stress and stagnation in our own careers, our dysfunctional teams, and the bottom lines of our companies. 

But in the course of my career, I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be that way. We don’t have to settle for it. “No” and negativity don’t have to rule the day, and in fact, these are often the mindsets that break down communication, create toxic work environments, and cause our businesses to fail. 

This is why I founded Positive Shift Coaching in 2014 – to help you shift towards an authentic and positive future.

  • I’ve helped transform a wide variety of organizations from major Silicon Valley companies like VMware to growing family-led small businesses.  
  • I’ve developed the leadership strengths of senior vice presidents and other top executives, and business owners struggling with expansion.
  • With every client, I’ve walked the path of showing what a human-led, positive approach can do to transcend that broken “business as usual” mentality. 

Whether the work I do is coaching, consulting, conducting assessments, speaking or training – it comes down to the magic of unlocking the potential you already have: the possibility that exists within you, if only someone would listen and help you channel it. In this special work, I love being a part of helping you finally find that possibility and seeing what you accomplish with it.

Whatever it is that you’ve been told or have told yourself that you “can’t do,” I’m here to show you the way of possibility. There is a path towards the healthiest and best direction you can set for yourself and your business. So we’re not going to let “no” stop us this time, right? Let’s do it - let’s shift towards what matters.

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Coaching and Consulting Credentials

Sandy is one of the first 80 people in the world with a Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree from the University of Pennsylvania. She has also contributed to several books, most recently “Character Strengths Matter - How to Live a Full Life” and “Making Hope Happen - Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others”.



  • Master's of Applied Positive Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
  • BA, Psychology, Trinity College of Vermont


certifications, additional training and awards

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, The David L. Cooperrider Center
  • C-IQ Enhanced Skills Practitioner
  • Senior Professional Human Resources designation, Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • SHRM-SCP, Society of Human Resources (SHRM)

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