What is professional coaching?

from Founder, Sandy Lewis

Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your work and life. I help you discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve based upon your vision.  I am objective and hold your best self and best interest as paramount at all times.  Together we can improve your perspective, improve your outlook on life and make you the best person and leader that you can be. 

How can you determine if coaching is right for you?

To determine whether you or your company could benefit from coaching, start by summarizing what you would expect to accomplish in coaching. When an individual or business has a fairly clear idea of the desired outcome, a coaching partnership can be a useful tool for developing a strategy for how to achieve that outcome with greater ease. 

Since coaching is a partnership, ask yourself whether collaboration, other viewpoints, and new perspectives are valued. Also, ask yourself whether you or your business is ready to devote the time and the energy to making real changes. If the answer is yes, then coaching may be a beneficial way to grow and develop. 

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The Top 10 Reasons To Hire a Coach by Thomas Leonard, Coach University

1.   You will set far better goals that motivate you in a healthy way.
2.   You'll accomplish goals, tasks, and projects much more quickly.
3.   You'll make fewer mistakes in your business life or in your personal life.
4.   You'll move up to the next level of your professional and personal life.
5.   You'll reduce the number of problems you have and better resolve the problems that are left.
6.   You'll likely make more money in your career, profession or business.
7.   You'll be a lot happier and this happiness will last.
8.   You'll be much more effective and influential with others: family, business and personal relationships.
9.   You'll become much more attractive to others - on the inside and on the outside.
10. You'll have a better life, not just a better lifestyle.

Source: http://www.coachfederation.org