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Bob Stapleton

Bob Stapleton, ACC, CPCC, is an accomplished coach and human resource consultant. Bob, founder of Live Oak Leadership, has over 30 years of business experience in executive leadership and human resources in retail, manufacturing, non-profit, high tech, and professional services firms. Bob combines a strong business acumen and leadership perspective that builds trust and credibility with clients. He is recognized for guiding senior executive teams and individuals through times of significant change including new role integration, acquisitions and reorganizations. Bob is passionate about making learning simple, fun and lasting for his clients.


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Cathy Noice Graham

Cathy Noice Graham MHROD, PCC is an ICF Certified Coach with exemplary experience with executives, new leaders, and high potentials. Primary modality is the Results Based Coaching program developed by the Neuroleadership Group and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching developed by the Center for Right Relationship. I love making light bulbs go off in my client's heads. The "I never thought of that before" kind of look. What is actually happening is insight. I've helped you uncover something you never realized before. You've made a new connection in your brain. Once you have that insight? You are compelled to take action. When I've created that ah-hah moment? I get goosebumps.


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Ki Magee

Dr. Shekinah “Ki” Magee, PCC is a native of Willow Springs, NC. She is an Executive Coach with 14 years of corporate coaching experience working with leaders within the Foreign Service of the U.S. State Department; high-ranking military leaders within the Department of Defense and leaders of Fortune 100 companies within the private sector. Ki’s expertise is concentrated in the area of working with multi-cultural, global high performing leaders and their teams as they solve complex problems in chaotic environments, against insurmountable odds. She helps them deliver wins – on their own terms and by their own design.